Do you want to be more than just an adequate elected official for your community?

Would you like to become a better leader?



Elected leaders face a myriad of challenges when they are in office.  Not only do they have to prepare themselves for votes on a variety of policy issues, they also need to understand the nuts and bolts of government administration and the legislative process.  Officials have to learn all of these skills on the job, while navigating the political minefields of their particular office.  There are few formal opportunities for elected officials to develop the skills they need and few efforts to enhance the development of leadership.

The Good Government Initiative provides a venue for elected officials to develop their skills as excellent leaders and to hone their ability to practice good governance.  It provides a forum for training, for conversations without political consequence, a forum for officials to consider, to ask questions, and to be exposed to a range of opinions and information.  Participants work with current and former elected and appointed officials, academics, journalists, community leaders, lobbyists, and others, as well as a cohort of fellow elected officials.  The retreat and workshop formats give an opportunity for open exploration and frank, honest conversation on a variety of issues.  Ultimately, these experiences give elected officials the opportunity to develop the skills to become thoughtful leaders of excellence.

GGI’s Class IV is open to elected officials from Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties.