About the Initiative

Good government is the key to creating a community of lasting value for all residents. It belongs to no party, nor to any particular ideology. Good government comes from leaders who are educated, transparent, have a clear political philosophy, and are able to communicate effectively with their constituents. Good government also comes from active, aware, engaged citizens who communicate their desires to their leaders.

In October of 2010, after sixteen years of elected service on the Miami-Dade County Commission, Katy Sorenson, with inspiration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the backing of University of Miami President Donna Shalala and Vice Provost William Green, Ph.D., founded the Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami. Former Miami Herald publisher Alberto Ibargüen and Dennis Scholl of the Knight Foundation pledged their support as well and provided seed funding.

The mission of the Good Government Initiative is to cultivate leaders of excellence in South Florida through the development and training of elected officials, as well as those aspiring to run for office, and to engage the community in its governance through outreach and education.

The main focus of the Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami is to provide leadership development and education for elected officials — a 60-hour certificate program that takes place from late August to November each year.

The Initiative also hosts other workshops and events that consider important issues in governance and our community. These include: Community Conversations, Thinking about Running?, Campaigns Done Right, and Citizens Academy.

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